Zero Percent Financing for 60 Months… Exclusive to The Car Club!

It’s so easy…just take the price and divide by 60 and that’s your payment*. Did you know that if you buy a $20000 vehicle plus tax, and finance it over 60 months at 4.99%, which is a great rate, you will pay $3,600 in interest. That means, at The Car Club you would save that $3,600! Huge savings. Even if you have less than perfect credit, you can qualify for 0%* financing.It’s easy to find out, just fill out our no charge, no obligation application and get pre-approved in minutes.*

Disclaimer: *0% for up to five years OAC. Example $10,000 over 60 months. Monthly payment 166.66. COB $0 total obligation $10000. While clients with less than perfect credit may qualify for 0% rates may range up to 29.9%. No charge and no obligation to apply.


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