When you’re ready to purchase a used vehicle, nothing should stand in your way. You’ve worked hard to save enough money to be able to afford car payments, insurance as well as additional expenses like gasoline and car maintenance appointments – you deserve this opportunity! Unfortunately, low credit scores can impact your ability to secure pre-approval qualifications which could derail your car buying plans if you were relying on financing options. It’s important to remember that your credit score can improve, you just need to make adjustments to your current financial situation. Here are 3 things you can do to lower your credit score:

Be Mindful of Payment Deadlines

Low credit scores are tied-closely to late or missed credit card payments. It’s easy to be forgetful of all the subscriptions and financial obligations you have tied to your name, but it can severely impact your credit score when you forget to pay or miss the payment deadline. Over time, if you do not prove yourself to be dependable you could have difficulties being accepted for a mortgage or vehicle pre-approvals. A good habit to get yourself into is to write down all of your due dates in a designated notebook. It may take time for your credit score to rise again, but after a series of punctual installments, you will have a much more favourable credit score.


Authorize Pre-Approval Payments

Life can be incredibly hectic and it is fair to say paying off your credit may not be one of your biggest priorities. However, neglecting to pay your credit card statement on time can make your life even more difficult. Therefore, we recommend to individuals that have a difficult time paying their dues on time, set up a pre-authorized payment plans, which would allow lenders to access owed-money from a personal account. Pre-authorized payments are a quick & easy way to raise your credit score, and it allows you peace of mind knowing that your payments will be made on-time and in full.

Begin Using Your Credit Card More

 It may seem crazy to insist that using your credit card more will do wonders for your credit score, but it’s the truth! Whether you’re applying for a pre-approval or pre-qualification, lenders will take a look into your credit history and make an assessment on how much they’re comfortable offering you. When you make a series of payments on your credit card, big or small, you are cementing your reliability and dependability to make full payments. Those small payments will accrue and improve your credit score making it possible to attain large loans from your bank or independent loaner.


Don’t allow poor credit to prevent you from driving, there are quick and simple ways to improve your credit score and you can start today! Whether you’re looking for a used car, truck or van, The Car Club has loan options for you! Apply today at The Car Club.